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The Rector of St Mark’s is the Revd Dr Sophia Marriage.
Phone: 0131 629 1219 – church office

Sophia joined St Marks in November 2011, having served at St Martins, Dalry previously, she was also Co-ordinator for the Diocese of Edinburgh’s Continuing Ministerial Development Programme.

Sophia is married with three daughters.

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  1. Friend of Merton Priory says:

    I am sending this information to the churches in Edinburgh as there seems to be not a little confusion about the beginnings of Holyrood.

    The Lot were to put an information poster up for us but they are no longer functioning.

    Holyrood Abbey was colonised and begun by canons from Merton Priory, London, at the request of King David. There are several roads , hotels etc. which echo this in their names in and around Edinburgh.

    It is important for churches to appreciate this history as the canons regular at Merton were Augustinian after St Augustine of Hippo. He influenced Calvin, Luther, Coverdale, Wycliffe and Robert Barnes and many, many others.

    By recognising the contribution of the Augustinians at Merton, and therefore Holyrood, helps us remember that the laws of our land are based on the Bible as Magna Carta was refined at Merton into the 11 Statutes of Merton.

    Here is the history behind Nones with ref. to Huntingdon, Merton and Holyrood.
    “In 1114 Gilbert the Norman requested that the sub-prior of the Augustinian Priory of Huntingdon, with a few brethren, should help him to set up Merton Augustinian Priory in Surrey on the river Wandle. One of the Huntingdon brethren was Alwin (AElfrin) who, when a canon of Merton, became Earl (later King) David of Scotland’s chaplain in 1120 and then later his confessor. David spent much of his early life at the English court of Henry 1. (Henry was David’s brother-in-law). Gilbert the Norman was the godson of King Henry and his wife Matilda.

    David wished to house the fragment of the Holy Cross his mother had brought from the Holy Land in a suitable place. In 1128 he invited Alwin with other Merton canons to set up a monastery(a) a mile from Edinburgh Castle.

    Alwin was the first abbot and began the Holyrood Chronicle.

    After 22 years at Holyrood Alwin returned to Merton

    S.F. Friend of Merton Priory.

  2. Val Pryde says:

    I would like to enquire if you have a church hall for hire? It would be for a fitness class.
    Is it available in the evenings?
    How much is it to hire?
    Could I arrange to see it please?
    Please contact me at the above e-mail address.
    Thank you

    • Helen says:

      Hello Val, I have passed your details to our Vestry; someone should reply shortly. Please contact Bob via his details above if you haven’t heard soon.

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