St Mark’s Day: 29th April

The church throughout the world celebrates the festival of St Mark on 25th April. We will be having Morning Prayer at 9.30 to join them.

But in keeping with church tradition, we are moving the festival to Sunday 29th April to celebrate this day as a church family, a church dedicated to the memory of St Mark. Our worship will be all age worship and we will follow the service with a light bring and share lunch. Please do join us for this celebration!

There are many traditions about St Mark, the writer of the first of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life. John Mark is mentioned several times in the New Testament writings, as a cousin of the apostle Barnabus. He accompanied Barnabus and Paul on their first missionary journey. John Mark fell out with Paul, and therefore parted company with them, but the rift was healed and it apears that Mark was then with Paul in Rome. It is likely that Mark was brought up in Jerusalem, and that his mother’s house was a meeting place for the early church. Tradition ascribes to him the foundation of the Church in Alexandria.

Collect for St Mark’s Day:

Almighty God, who enlightened your holy Church through the inspired witness of your evangelist Mark: grant that we, being firmly grounded in the truth of the gospel, may be faithful to its teaching both in word and deed; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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