Bishop Alan Smithson

Bishop Alan‘s funeral will be on Wednesday 23 June at 11am.

Family only to the Crematorium.

Refreshments will be served in St Mark’s after the service.

You can read my thoughts and memories of Bishop Alan here.


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4 Responses to Bishop Alan Smithson

  1. The Rev David Webster says:

    As a priest in the Diocese of Durham Bishop Alan was my Suffragan Bishop. His pastoral care of the clergy was profound. He gave many of us, including my wife and I the use of his house at Creetown for a break from parochial duties. My wife he persuaded to join the first diocesan young people’s visit to Taise, to help look after some of the youngsters. When we visited a son living nearby Musselbrough, we took the opportunity of calling on Alan and Jean and were invariably received with great kindness. The loss felt in the diocese of Edinburgh will be shared by all in the diocese of Durham. Our love and sympathy to Jean and the family.

  2. revruth says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I shall pass them on to Jean.

  3. Mike Dixon says:

    As a retired priest celebratingf Communion this morning I heard with shock of the death of +Alan. When I was Chaplain of Durham prison Alan provided immense support for the work there; much of it unheralded and quiet behind the scenes pastoral care. He also had a thirst for knowledge about the Criminal Justice System and especially any unfairness and injustice experienced with a special concern for women prisoners.
    Hia appetite for knowledge and engagement continued in his retirement.

    I offer condolences and gratitude on behalf of the many prisoners whom he met and treated with compassion and understanding whose lives were enhanced by meeting +Alan

  4. revruth says:

    Mike, I am learning more and more about +Alan since his death. He was a very modest man and didn’t talk about himself or his work much. Thank you for sharing your memories.

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