Diary this week

Sunday 4 October Harvest Sunday
8.30am Eucharist
10.30am Family Service
Please bring tins of corned beef, sweetcorn, tuna and bags of sugar for St Catharine’s Convent to feed the homeless.
Parish Lunch and Auction of Talents

Monday 5 October
2pm Fr John Paul’s funeral at St Michael & All Saints

Tuesday 6 October
2pm Tuesday Fellowship – local films
7.30pm Vestry meeting

Wednesday 7 October
7.30pm Exploring our Faith

Thursday 8 October
10am Eucharist

Friday 9 October
5pm Rehearsal for wedding

Saturday 10 October
11.30am Internment of Fr John Paul’s ashes
1pm The Marriage of Caroline Dellow and Andrew Daye

Sunday 11 October
8.30am Eucharist – Rev Ruth Innes
10.30am Sung Eucharist – Rev Ruth Innes
(Children planting bulbs)


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